New Guidance

• ACAS has launched new Guidance on Religion and Belief to help prevent discrimination at work

• The Government Equalities Offices has published new guidance on Dress Codes and Discrimination
Amongst other things, it reminds employers that dress policies for men and women do not have to be identical, but standards imposed should be equivalent. It also warns that requiring any gender-specific items, such as high heels, make up or have manicured nails, is likely to be unlawful.

Finally, the Women and Equalities Commission has produced its report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Recommendations include, a mandatory duty on employers to protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace, punishable by fines; reintroducing third-party harassment, so that employers are liable if they have failed to take reasonable steps to prevent others harassing their staff; extending sexual harassment protection interns and volunteers; extension of the time limit for bringing a claim to six months, with the clock paused while any internal grievance is being followed.